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Seeing The Past

To the Honorable Raziel Roshi. Thank you so much for answering my last question. It was amazing and enlightening to feel your power resonating through your words, and it touched me so deeply as you probably know anyway. I was amazed how it seemed to be that you know so much about my history and past simply by connecting your energy to my own via something as mundane and basic as some pictures of mine on Facebook, and so I wanted to ask you this more general question which I am really wondering about, if its OK with you.
Can you really see my past as if its alive and in front of your eyes??

Dear ___erased___

This is a great question.
Because understanding it is understanding Karma.
Yes, I can see the past very clearly right here and right now.
You, and everyone else, can also see the past as clearly and as well. But you must know where and how to look for it.
To see the past clearly you cannot look at your (or anyone else's) memories, because all of memories are false.
To see the past you cannot look at the history books because they are full of lies.
To see the past you have to directly look at the present.

Looking directly at the present is not that easy! It is like looking directly at the sun. Almost too bright to directly look into. But it can be done. When you look at everything as It-Really-Is, you can see that everything is nothing more than the accumulation of all that came before.
For example, I can see your suffering. I can see your confusion. I can see your hope. I can see your resilience. And I can see these stretching from your own personal past, and I can see them also stretching all the way into the beginning of time...

Everything you are, everything we all are: none of it is a RESULT of the past. It IS the past. You see, the past is not gone. It is right here, living with us. Like the flour is not gone when you make bread. It is in the bread. So the past is not gone - It is here - It is us.

Yes! What you do today will not be gone tomorrow. It will be with you tomorrow. What you will do today will stay with you until the end of your days - And understanding this brings responsibility.

Understanding this will make you think very hard of what you want to do today.
Because today will never be gone.
It will stay with you forever.


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