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About Raziel Roshi

 In the old days, a man like 

Zen Master Raziel Roshi 

would have been indeed very difficult to find and talk with...

Zen Master Raziel Roshi has lived, learned and taught in over 40 countries around the world, and is well known for his mentoring, counseling and personal guidance for multinational CEO's, movie and TV actors, highly successful business people and well-known entrepreneurs, and for being a benchmark for other Zen Teachers to test and refine their own teachings with. He also is known for assisting psychologists, yoga teachers, meditation teachers and healers of new-age modalities with their work. At the same time, he has relentlessly been working with teenagers, housewives, university students, homeless, the elderly and basically whomever approaches him genuinely seeking guidance or clarity.

He lives on a secluded mountain top somewhere on the East-Coast of Australia, where he is teaching Zen-Mind and personal development techniques to selected few students while working on the land of his subtropical private nature reserve paradise on regeneration and rehabilitation projects.

He has no mobile reception or internet on his land and has to drive for half an hour to the nearest village to speak with those whom seek his advice via the internet. 

Zen-Master Raziel Roshi refuses to talk about his past, which he considers as being: "nothing more than a relative and subjective story which has nothing to do with the teaching of True Zen". The pictures on this website are the only pictures that we have of him, and these pictures are about 10-15 years old. He only agreed to participate in this website's platform after we agreed to concentrate on his Zen Teachings rather than his own personality. When asked why, he answered in his own words: "I would like not to be unnecessarily burdened by the weight of the pathological celebrity-worshiping culture of today. True Zen is valid regardless of whether the teachings come from a respected elder, a drunken homeless or the bark of a dog."   

Zen Master Raziel Roshi has been in Japan many times, has a specific interest in Japanese Zen-inspired Arts such as ancient Zen manuscripts, Zen paintings, Zen philosophy, Zen pottery, Zen tea-Ceremony, Zen-inspired Martial-Arts and the lives and actions of the Zen Masters of ancient Japan, and that he has many students and followers in Japan itself, but that he also been versed and studied Judaism and Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism and of course Buddhism. However, he does not subscribe to any of them (inc Buddhism), again, to refer to his own words, saying that: "To the lazy mind the belief in any 'ism is a great space for rest in the stormy water of life. But a Zen Student must leave all the 'ism's behind and venture into the storm supported by nothing but his or her own powers of being and reach his or her own fresh and individual conclusions without abiding by anyone else's systems of belief".

It is truly fortunate that we came up with the idea for this interface, as it allows YOU to communicate with HIM while leaving him free to deal with his always evolving meditation-quests, in relative peace, and will allow us to follow these conversations and deepen our own understanding of Zen, and hopefully, we also plan to end up publishing a book with some of the questions and answers that will be featured in these conversations... 

Media requests for interviews and for writing articles about him and his teachings can be made via email to: raziel_roshi@yahoo.com




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