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To meet a Zen-Master

In ancient times, if you wanted an advice coming directly from the Source of Knowledge of a real Zen-Master, you would have to leave your home and life and take a long and risky journey to some secluded mountain top, in hope that the Zen-Master whom lives there will actually agree to talk to you...

TODAY you can seek advice from a real Zen-Master easily! 

Ask him Anything!

Ask about your Life, Love, Money, Relationships, Business, Philosophy, Meditation, Zen, Religion, God, Mystical Knowledge... You Know Best What You Need to Know - and now you got a direct channel to the one man whom can help you.

YES :-)

Today you will meet your Own Truth, find of the clearest knowledge, or get the BEST advice, right here. 

*(the Blog section will have mainly some half-hours meetings with Master Raziel published for everyone to read - but such meetings will only be published if they relate and talk about general Zen, general issues and general philosophy. Private questions regarding private issues such as relationships, careers etc will not be published here)

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